Monday, May 12, 2008

It's so Unfair?

The above link is to an AP piece, published in Monday, May 12 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, entitled “Rebate excludes many taxpayers with foreign spouses.” Of course the refrain “It’s not fair” rings out. I suppose it’s a good story to highlight the meanness and viciousness of American immigration policies. Or that some deserving people aren’t getting “rebates” because of a technicality.

Well, here are some other things “unfair” about the economic stimulus checks:
1. Anyone making TOO much gets smaller checks—or no check at all. That’s not fair!
2. Anyone without any tax liability (i.e., did not have to pay in or received all withholding back) DO get a check.

Not sure then that we can call these “rebates” when those who pay the most get nothing and those who pay nothing get the most. That’s also unfair.

But the AP article does not highlight these other inequities.

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