Saturday, December 12, 2009


I have noticed when a president needs to send troops to defend our nation or our nation’s interests, it’s seen as a waste of money. We are told by liberals that this money could be better spent on health care or food and shelter for the poor. But we should not waste money on bullets and armor.

But when the topic is this so-called global warming, suddenly the poor are thrown under the bus. We must enact every piece of half-baked legislation, no matter the cost, to reduce “global warming.” In the December 7 Wall Street Journal Bjørn Lomborg reports from Tanzania that the poor are struggling to survive. Tourists pass by to visit Kilimanjaro ostensibly to see the receding and shrinking snow caps on the mountain. But the poor are neglected and ignored.

Don’t forget that no one has defined what the goal is—we just need to enact legislation, impose massive taxes and fines, and ruin our economy in the name of global warming.

The recent East Anglia e-mails point out another double standard. Remember “Bush lied; people died”? The justification for Iraq is seen as debunked by elites because, well, we haven’t found the weapons of mass destruction. Maybe they don’t exist; maybe they never existed; maybe they have been moved out of the country. But the rational, in the minds of elites, is that the war is illegal because the information it was based on seems to be wrong. Or Bush and Cheney (and by extension every intelligence agency in the world, as it was a commonly held proposition before the war) lied and manipulated intelligence data to go to war. But these same elites are quick to defend the e-mails that not only are smoke coming from the gun, but the fire is still burning, on manipulated data. Yet we are still told to go forward with massive, emergency, don’t-stop-to-think measures to combat a menace that may or may not exist.

The sad tragedy is that with global warming scientists did lie and by neglecting the poor people do die.

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