Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Donald Trump Heard My Cry!

For about three years now I’ve had this dream about how the rebuilding of New York City’s “Ground Zero” should proceed.

It was my contention that functionality and memorials could co-exist. I wrote then, as was published in the New York Times and Wall Street Journal, that the towers should be rebuilt. I suggested the floors that were directly hit by the planes be reserved as memorial museums of the atrocities of that day. One could be the FDNY Memorial and honored the firefighters who died that day. The other tower could have the NYPD/PA Memorial with the same honor for the policemen who died that day.

At each floor where the elevators take in and disgorge passengers large plaques could be erected that memorialize the deceased workers on that particular floor. And, of course, a replacement of the memorial to the dead from the 1993 bombing (I’m told that that memorial had been installed shortly before the events of 9/11).

I don’t know if Donald Trump read my letters, but he is now proposing the same thing. The difference? He is placing the towers in new spots and leaving the footprints of the collapsed towers for memorial pools. He also wants the new towers taller than the old ones (but not tall enough to become the tallest in the world). The buildings also wouldn’t have the distinctive vertical lines the old ones did; floor beams and vertical beams will create a crisscross effect. The supports at the lower levels that “branched” out will be there and the basic shape of the buildings will mimic the fallen towers, but the new design will have a slightly different look to it.

I wish Mr. Trump well. I don’t know if he’ll select a lead for this project on an upcoming The Apprentice, but I sure would like to see this plan implemented and built.

If you want to see the plans, go to http://www.triroc.com/wtc/ and sign the petition if you wish to see this become reality.

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