Friday, August 10, 2007

You know, the Dems are messing up a golden opportunity.

In 2006 they campaigned against the "incompetence" of the Bush administration's administration of the Iraq War (while strangely silent about the Bush administration of the war in Afghanistan, whatever role we still have in the Balkans thanks to Bill Clinton, the Korea conflict currently in ceasefire, and protecting Europe against herself.

The Dems won control of both the House and the Senate. Suddenly things are in play. "Rummy" resigns and a new general is installed in Iraq. The president urges a surge. Seems that election lit a fire in the White House.

Now it seems the tide has turned and we're winning and may win this war. So, do you think the Dems would say, "Because of our leadership we spurred George Bush to make needed changes to win the war in Iraq." I mean, why NOT take advantage and take credit?

But, NO, they carp on how the war is still mishandled or how the administration is misleading the American people (despite known doves actually going to Iraq and then reporting--GASP--we could win this war!

Is partisan hatred so blind as to overlook golden opportunities?

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