Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Random Presidential Campaign Thoughts

Regarding John Edwards and his investment in the company evicting Katrina-affected New Orleanians:

If he cared about these victims, couldn't he have made better use of his role as presidential candidate AND key shareholder in the company to urge leniency for these victims? By "divesting" himself (remember, he cashes out for profit) he abdicates any voice he has in the matter. I would think sticking with the company and working from within would be more effective.


Pity poor Bill Clinton. He's trying to burnish his legacy for his 8 years in office. But his wife is running now and she needs to run as one who had influence in the Clinton White House. How can Bill polish both his legacy and his wife's credentials at the same time? A recent interview he stated he was advised by his wife on policy and proofreading documents. Now THAT's a high-rise tight-rope walk if I ever saw one!

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