Wednesday, May 05, 2010

The Humanitarian Side of the Immigration Debate

Arizona just passed an immigration law. It echoes the federal law already on the books, if not actually enforced. The difference, it would seem, is that Arizona would actually enforce the law. And that has brought a torrent of criticism. The code words of "rights" and "dignity" are thrown about.

How about "humanitarian"?

To be sure Arizona voters cannot afford being host to people who break the law when they come into this country. There are reports of violence as well. I'm going to go on a limb that the percentage of immigrants who cross the borders with invites or papers that actually cause trouble is low. But there is violence.

Now with a law on the books but ignored means that some legal residents will feel put upon. Now figure some of these land owners have guns, usually to shoot coyotes and rattlesnakes and such. Now an "undocumented person" crosses the wrong parcel of land and gets shot, possibly killed. Not very humanitarian, is it? So maybe we need to enforce the law so that people don't feel as if they need to take the law into their own hands.

Although the poor rancher might be the one charged with a "hate crime."

By the way, Bob Sarver, the Phoenix Suns owner, is an idiot. Did you see what he plans on having his team wear to protest the Arizona law and/or celebrate Cinco de Mayo? The Phoenix NBA team will wear jerseys saying "LOS SUNS." He should have consulted a Spanish dictionary--or an Arizonan of Mexivan descent--to get the name correct: "los soles".

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