Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Evolution, Christianity, and Islam

A reader early in this blog's history posted this intriguing thought:

Have enjoyed your posts on Liftalk. Now your blog promises to be a good read also. Not directly related to the Ten Commandment issue but just today I was reading about the continuing debate over whether to teach evolution or not. The author (Chuck Colson?) pointed out that Muslims would wish to teach a creation. People wanting to teach evolution were careful not to offend Muslims but if it was a Christian that wanted to teach creation then it doesn't matter what is said about them.
I wonder, since Christians are left with few rights in this nation, what would the government do if Muslims protested and insisted that their children be taught only creationism in the public schools? Our government seems to bend over backward for any other minority, as well as capitulate when Muslims protest anything in this country. This would make an interesting debate if it ever came up.

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