Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I was wondering...

If healthcare is nationalized, will the medical professionals be considered government employees and the hospitals government entities? Can the government be sued? In essence, will lawyers be able to sue doctors and hospitals? If not, why would a lawyer like Hillary (or John "Breck-girl" Edwards) want to support such a measure?

I was struck by the Obama ad I heard recently--he turned down a Wall Street job to work with laid-off workers? I'm sorry, but wouldn't a Wall Street job have helped him understand basic business and commerce and how things works and capital is used to create jobs? Bad choice, in my book.

Last week in interviews Barack and Hillary both spoke of "green collar" jobs to help the inner city. Say what? Sounds like an expansion of the shell game we have now, where any public project must employ a certain number of contracts with women- and minority-owned firms. Has THAT policy had any effect on inner city unemployment? Let the free market work out the energy and ecological policies. We see even GE has jumped into the "green" movement because of popular opinion absent any government program (well, US gov't program anyway). It was the free market that chose gasoline engines over electric and steam in the early 1900's.

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