Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A Toast with Champaigne

I'm sure several football journalist/pundits and a bulk of New England might get mad at me.

But I'm raising a glass of champaigne in honor of the one and only perfect season in NFL history. Yes, my beloved Marine Mammals from Miami, the Aquamarine & Tangerine. You earned the right to be proud, '72 Dolphins!

OK, so they didn't play a "tough" schedule. A team still has to play the teams on the schedule. The fact remains, NO ONE ELSE HAS EVER ACCOMPLISHED THIS FEAT!

Miami also performed this feat with the starting quarterback injured for two-thirds of the year. Yes, that's right, the starting QB was out for most of the year. No other team has gone unbeaten even with a starting QB starting every game.

Plus they played the conference championship game in Pittsburgh, NOT Miami. Funny rule about the playoffs and hosting back then.

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